There is evidence suggesting a better development of the child’s brain when listening to Mozart’s music. In some countries, starting from the first days, babies are carried on Mozart’s classic rhythms to comfort them from the earliest age. Premature babies who listen Mozart music gain weight faster and get stronger, found researchers at Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel. Once a day for 30 minutes, listening to Mozart’s music has made the 20 babies born prematurely, babies in the test group, to be more calm and consume less energy, and when the children`s energy consumption is low, they don`t need more calories to grow and to gain weight and therefor they grow faster – exactly what premiees need said Dror Mandel, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Unlike Beethoven, Bach or Bartok, Mozart’s music is composed of repetitive patterns. Repetitive melodic lines of Mozart’s music could affect organizational centers of the brain cortex, concluded Mandel.

The Mozart for babies CD collections, great musical pieces of Mozart heritage. Why Mozart`s music is good for your child? I`ll try to resume in this article.

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The benefits of Mozart`s music for babies


  • music and songs will develop the ability to understand the rhythm, rhyme, repetition of movements and words mechanism in the future.
  • music and dancing are great ways to develop children’s creativity and physique . Clapping , movement to music , clapping feet helps develop muscle control. And Mozart`s music is one of the most complete masterpiece of music.
  • music develops self-esteem , being a great way to increase the self-confidence and social interraction, showing to the children that they can express ( and integrate ) by an accepted and appropriated manner: they all are repeating and feeling the same verse, same songs, common feelings .
  • music and lyrics help them express their feelings and attachment for the loved ones in their lives, known as Mother’s Day songs , coming Santa or the Easter Bunny , or patriotic songs to express the joy of childhood.
  • music helps your child understand language , it whill help him also on the first steps of reading because the child must understand the words and their meanings . Experimenting with rhythm , words , tempo and melody learns to read with intonation, to be good orators , to attract attention and produce clear and pleasant sounds . Music develops memory , language , pronunciation and vocabulary , and all this through play.
  • the music develops mathematical skills , repetitive patterns are the same as those underlying mathematics. Children learn to count with music and dance , learn about size, shape and volume. Repetitive patterns underlying mathematics , language and sciences .
  • Mozart`s music helps the children to develop cognitive abilities. A rich auditory stimulation at an early age may facilitate the formation of neural networks . The connections made are richer and more varied , the processing can cover a wider range of information, more complex forms of organization of this information essential to cognitive development. Music helps develop the whole brain . That’s because music involves both hemispheres of the brain once and thus influences both: communication & language and also analytic processing and the abstract.
  • Relaxing music of Mozart lessens the effects of anxiety, one of the ADHD characteristics. Music can be a very good painkiller. If it’s close to bedtime , a lullaby can bring tranquility and good nice soft thoughts and dreams to your child. That is why the lullaby songs resemble to eachother no matter from what corner of Earth are coming.
  • Mozart`s music changes the mood. If the baby is cranky, if they are listening and singing a simple funny song might bring smiles their faces and change their mood to one of joy.


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